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There are hundreds of highly qualified dentists in the German city of Offenbach. Not least because of the high competition, Offenbach dentists make use of the latest technologies and therapies. These are usually much more comfortable for the patient than they used to be. Thus, the experience of visiting the dentist becomes a whole new one: a smooth and, above all, painless one.

One of the new technologies is aligner therapy. This is also represented by Offenbach dentists. The good experiences of the numerous satisfied patients speak for themselves.

What is aligner therapy?

Aligner therapy is an offspring of orthodontics, which enables your dentist to move your teeth out of their misalignment. Transparent splints are used, which have to be changed at certain intervals. Adapted to each patient individually, the dentist discusses the individual goals of the therapy on the basis of a 3D scan and creates a treatment plan on the basis of this.

In which cases can aligner therapy be used?

Below you will find a few key points on the indication of aligner therapy. These are intended as a rough guide. However, we always recommend a consultation with your dentist first.

⦁ Teeth in crowding, which is manifested e.g. by overlapping of individual teeth

⦁ Overbite, which is manifested by the overlapping of the upper anterior teeth over the lower anterior teeth

⦁ “Underbite”, which is manifested by the overlapping of the lower anterior teeth over the upper anterior teeth

⦁ Gaps between the teeth, which can be present in all possible widths

How does aligner therapy work?

As mentioned before, the basis of the said therapy is a model – preferably in 3D. This model is the basis of your therapy. In order to be able to produce such a model, your dentist must take impressions of both halves of the jaw.

Then it is time for planning. The latest technologies allow us to see the final result even before the treatment has started. In a special program we can see in advance the upcoming tooth movements of our individual teeth, which in the end will lead to your straight, beautiful smile.

The treatment plan includes a certain number of pairs of splints, as well as certain intervals in which the individual pairs will be worn.

The treatment plan also specifies the exact time for ASR (Approximal Enamel Reduction), which is necessary in crowded teeth.

After all the splints have been worn and we have reached our goal and thus our dream smile, you have two options: Either a retainer splint, which you must wear at night, or a permanent wire retainer. The retainers ensure that the teeth do not shift again. This would happen because of the physiological movement of our teeth.

How much will aligner therapy cost me?

Aligner therapy costs between 3,000 and 5,000 euros, depending on how the teeth are positioned and how much has to be changed and shifted, or how high the degree of difficulty is.


For many types of misaligned teeth, aligner therapy in Offenbach is your option to reach your goal of the smile of your dreams and perfect function.

Book an appointment with your dentist or with Dr. Hamed Hakimi today and get advice on exactly what aligner therapy would look like in your case.

Together, you will find the best possible treatment plan that can always be tailored to your needs. If you have any questions, do not hesitate, every question will be answered gladly and carefully.

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