Germany has a semi-private dental care system available for its citizens. More than just a few thousand certified dentists are available to work at their patients’ beck and call. Dentists in Offenbach are no less and are available to all patients depending on their dental needs. More often than, dentists opt to work in a private clinic and charge for their services working from there or set up a private space in their homes. Either way, dentists in Offenbach need to practice dental care with a certified license from the medical board.

Dental care and health insurances

In the government’s effort to cut costs on dental healthcare, the system is now semi privatized. Any insured individual’s insurance plan might cover their annual checkups to the dentist, but the procedural costs must be paid mostly by the patient. There are instances in which the government partially covers the costs. Namely, dental checkups, scaling, cleaning, and basic tooth fillings. Any other major procedure like implants, root canals, cavity removal, braces, and other complex surgeries are only partially covered by the insurance policies of the government.

Private insurance                                                

On the other hand, if you have private insurance and need to get dental surgeries done, the level of reimbursement by the insurance company varies. Many insurance companies may provide you one hundred percent cash back for your procedure. On the other hand, there are many companies to may give you half of that, or a quarter, depending on their policies. For such instances, it is recommended for all patients to check the policies of the insurance company before taking up on their healthcare program and make sure that you are aware of their policies about such commonly occurring diseases.

Dentists in Offenbach

The quality of dental care in Offenbach is comparatively better due to the number of qualified dentists that are available to work for their patients tirelessly. Here are a few well known dental clinics in Offenbach:


AllDent is a very well-known dental clinic in Offenbach. The clinic is located at Kaiserstraße 1, directly at the Hauptwache in Offenbach and in the immediate vicinity of the Zeil shopping street. If you are in hurt and you are looking for an excellent dentist Offenbach who can take care of you and can be trusted, AllDent is the place to be. They have an excellent team of trusted dentists working for them, and they also have flexible hours for their patients. An appointment can be booked very easily without any hassle.

P. Tomovic

Another well-known and trusted dental clinic in Offenbach is P tomovic. The place has a huge team of qualified dental surgeons, Implantologists, technicians, and hygienists. The services offered include all the major dental procedures, and they are all fairly priced as compared to other private dental practitioners. Make sure you book an appointment with them beforehand and be there on time.

Alfonso Padilla

Another well-known name in the world of dentists in Offenbach is Alfonso Padilla. It is hard to find English-speaking dentists in Offenbach, but Padilla has a team that co-operates in that. They also have programs that do extensive research in topics like environmental dentistry, gum diseases, and much more. A very talented team of young individuals works for this clinic and offers the most excellent services to its patients. The services offered include everything like tooth retention, Root canals, teeth removal, braces, bridges, and much more. We advise you to book an appointment there to find the best possible dental care in Offenbach and be satisfied with the results.


The basics of dentistry in Offenbach are easy to follow. With hundreds of names available only a click away, you can search for a qualified dentist easily on your phone. IF you do not trust the results of the internet, you can also choose to ask your friends to recommend you a good dentist and choose to go there. Dental care in the area is growing with the passage of time, and dentists in Offenbach are adapting to all the major changes that are coming about, including the introduction of newer methodologies and medical procedures to make their jobs easier.

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